Barbara MCGUIRE 
Arizona Senate LD 8


Thank you to the people of Pinal and Gila counties for electing me as your senator for the new District 8, a very unique and special place.
A heartfelt thank you to my entire district. To those who worked on my behalf and the many of you I met during the course of the senate contest. It has been very endearing.
With this new district comes the commitment of working together for the common good. You can be sure I will do my best to do that and watch out for you and your families.
Thank you to my supporters, volunteers, phone bankers, campaign chairman, field director, webmaster, my family, the State party, leadership, local democratic clubs, those who put up and kept up my signs, the many organizations and endorsers who supported me in many ways.
Thank you once again for having faith in me to serve you.

It is an honor to be your senator. I will put my experience,and knowledge to work with balanced and thoughtful judgment for you the citizens of LD8.


Barbara McGuire
Senator-elect LD8

"We endorse McGuire on the basis of her sound previous service as a legislator", October 24, 2012 Casa Grande Dispatch

“I want to wish you the best of luck and hope that the voters of the district know just how much you have done already for the state and our district. I always enjoyed working with you, you have been a person that will do the right things for the right reasons and will follow your convictions and listen to the voters that you serve. Looking forward to you returning to the legislature and bringing some much needed leadership to the place." Roger Vanderpool


Daughter of a WWII Navy pilot, I'm a 3rd generation Arizona native. Growing up in the Copper Corridor, I learned the value of hard work in the mining community of Kearny, and raised my children here. Pinal County for me is all about FAMILY. I also opened my own business -- a travel agency -- while working as the Salvation Army Extension Unit Director for the area, so I could make a difference to many rural families in need. I am a member of the NRA, Sheriff's Posse, Elks, and Chamber of Commerce. I ask for your vote to be your voice. I know that we need to stop the partisan political games in Phoenix. I will demand efficient, accountable, and responsive government. I will fight for state contracts to go to Arizona companies first to keep Arizona jobs for Arizona workers instead of sending them to China or India. I will improve our kids' education so they can compete in the new economy, and I will keep government off our backs. I am supported by law enforcement, firefighters, teachers, doctors, and thousands of citizens just like you. I would be honored to have your support and your vote this November.



"We need more people like Barbara McGuire in the Arizona State Legislature." Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona.


Together we will make Arizona stronger and better.

Vote Barbara McGuire Senate 2012.


"Her work ethic,commitment, and dedication to service are second to none. She approached lawmaking in a deliberative and thoughtful manner, and was well known for building consensus across the political spectrum and among stakeholders."
Chad Campbell, House Minority Leader, State Representative, District 14

Thank you to all Veterans -
the stabilizing pillars of our nation.
Without them we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today. We are free to achieve our dreams due to their many sacrifices and those of their families. May God forever bless this great nation.


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